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The Health Benefits of Eating more Sushi!

It is considered that the Japanese are the healthiest people in the world due to their love of sushi. Scientists have concluded that a diet consisting of raw fish, rice and vegetables is directly responsible for this healthy nation. Eating sushi on a regular basis can reportedly reduce the chances of lung cancer and other diseases. Here in the UK, we’re starting to catch on. Sushi is now a lunchtime favourite in UK supermarkets, and sushi restaurants are growing in popularity across the country. 

If you’re still a little unsure, or one of those that just can’t quite adjust to ‘the texture’, here are some of the health benefits of sushi that may help you change your mind:

1) Rice. 
We tend to tarnish white rice with the same brush as pasta and bread, all delicious but one of those guilty carbs. However, highly refined white rice is incredibly good for you, providing a strong source of protein it is a great high-energy food. If you’re convinced that brown rice is better, despite having more nutrients than white, brown rice can prevent the absorption of crucial nutrients like iron and calcium. White rice does not. 

2) Raw fish.
According to Good Health, every Japanese person consumes 100 grams of fish every day. Of course this is something that you may not want to do in such a quantity, but by eating more raw fish, the omega-3 acids will improve circulation and better protect your heart.

3) Wasabi. 
This is the green paste usually served with sushi dishes. According to Japanese scientists, this can prevent tooth decay; assist the prevention of cancer and blood clots.

4) Seaweed. 
The seaweed is usually used as wrapping to contain the sushi. With a high mineral content, including iodine, calcium iron and magnesium, the seaweed is essential for the prevention of thyroid cancer. 

For your sushi experience, take a look at our sushi menu. Here’s to a long and healthy life!